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Dr. Vandana Singh is the Founder of RS Foundation, a philanthropic organization that has education, empowerment and empathy at the core of its varied initiatives in the social sector, and works in the areas of health, education & environment. You may visit the website at: 

Dr. Singh is the author of the recently released The Bhagavad Gita – A Life changing Conversation by Niyogi Books. All sale proceeds from this work are donated to RS Foundation.

She has also authored several books on Communication & Life Skills, and English Language Teaching. She has numerous published literary translations from Hindi to English to her credit, and views literary translation as a social responsibility contributing to building cross-cultural bridges.

Literary & Academic

Dr. Singh has contributed in the area of education technology and skill development. She has been involved with education as an associate professsor, curriculum developer, textbook writer and content editor. She educates and empowers youth by imparting English language for raising their employability quotient, upward mobility and social acceptability.

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Consultancy/Advisory role

Dr. Vandana Singh serves as Independent Director on Boards of several companies. She has advised at the state level for creating English language teaching programmes, such as, Naipunya Vikasam (Aspire) – English Language skills for 400 schools in remote areas in Andhra Pradesh, Saath Saath – capacity building of rural women and Unnati – English Language skills for children between 12 to 16 years in Uttar Pradesh … read more

Written from the perspective of a non-ritualistic individual, the book connects the teachings of the Gita with current concepts of life skills. It also reiterates the relevance of a text written thousands of years ago, and showcases its contemporary value by drawing parallels with our day-to-day existence today.

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Excerpt from The Bhagavad Gita – A Life changing Conversation. 

For most of us the Gita evokes an image of Krishna addressing Arjun who is dutifully kneeling with folded hands, with a chariot and a battlefield as a backdrop. We’ve seen versions of this image on wall calendars, diaries, amateur paintings, and on walls of religious places. Year after year, our exposure to the Gita remains limited to …. read more