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The Written Word

The Written Word

The Written Word is planned as a comprehensive text on written communication and study skills for use at the undergraduate level. The book has been specifically designed to fit the UGC syllabus for the Functional English course, BA (I), which has been introduced in colleges all over the country. Although designed primarily for this syllabus it has proved useful to all those who use language for professional purposes.

This book uses excerpts and exhibits from real-life sources to help students arrive at a clear understanding of each topic. Going beyond the elementary guides to vocabulary, grammar and composition, it familiarizes readers with all practical aspects of both areas – from an understanding of language registers and literary genres to getting the most out of libraries, reference books, audio-visual media, and technological aids.

Key Features

  • A strong vocational slant, with a view to prospective careers in mass communications, audio-visual media, journalism, public relations, and secretarial positions.
  • Useful related skill sets such as business correspondence, report-writing, and research techniques
  • Help on the effective use of office technology and library resources
  • Audio and video transcoding
  • Guidance on various kinds of writing assignments for both students and professionals
  • Tips on getting the most out of the dictionary and the thesaurus
  • Classroom-tested exercises as well as actual student assignments
  • Aids on vocabulary, usage, and basic grammar for students preparing for competitive examinations, such as IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE, and SAT

The Written Word is a prescribed text in several universities and colleges in India including Punjab University, Guru Nanak Dev University and Punjabi University. The book is also being used in Sri Lanka, Nepal and Iran.

First published by Oxford University Press, India, 2003 Re-print, 2005

The Written Word (special edition for Punjabi University, Patiala)

The Written Word is a comprehensive textbook specially designed for the Communication Skills Course, BA III, Punjabi University, Patiala. Among the important topics discussed are: effective writing, vocabulary and its usage, tips on using a dictionary and thesaurus, paragraph and essay writing, assignments and report writing, narrative writing, and critical reading and comprehension. Also discussed are structural analysis, note-making, summarizing, abstracting, transcoding, and locating bibliographical information. The book covers key topics in written communication which are explained through numerous solved examples and specimen formats of writing.

Key Features

  • Provides guidelines on effective written communication
  • Includes topics on the use of computers, fax, and email
  • Contains user-friendly formats of letters, essays, reports, and narratives
  • Provides numerous exercises and lists of commonly used abbreviations, foreign words and phrases, literary and linguistic terms, etc.
  • Published by Oxford University Press, India, 2006

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