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Spotlight: A Multi-skill Course in English is designed to enable effective learning, teaching and testing of English as a second language. The aim of the series is to equip learners with the language skills and confidence needed to apply classroom learning to life outside the school. The series has been crafted to ensure an easy transition to classes IX and X. Following the holistic approach to language stipulated by the National Curriculum Framework, 2005, the books in this series provide opportunities for Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) woven into a varied range of exercises and activities.

Special Features

  • A mixture of reading passages to expose learners to classic and contemporary examples of the living language
  • Questions to exercise all levels of comprehension and develop high order thinking skills
  • A carefully graded grammar syllabus focusing on the functional aspect of grammatical structures for both spoken and written English
  • Vocabulary exercises exploring the literal and wider significance of words in context
  • A comprehensive pronunciation syllabus for oral practice in phonology, stress and intonation
  • Activities and project ideas to encourage problem-solving and autonomous learning
  • English Around Us section to increase visual literacy using the learner’s surroundings as a resource
  • Summative tests in the Workbooks

The series comprises of Starter, Primer, Coursebooks 1 to 8, Workbooks 1 to 8, Teachers’ Resource Pack with e-book and test generator.

Published by Oxford University Press, India, 2013

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