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Skill Development

Vandana R Singh heads the English Language vertical of Learnet Skills (formerly IL&FS Skills Development Corporation), India’s largest vocational training company. The setting up of IL&FS Skills was triggered by the increasing demand of trained manpower for jobs created in various sectors.
The programme comprises of the following 6 focus areas:

  • Skills for Jobs
  • Skills Upgradation
  • Skills for Good Governance
  • Skills for Schools and Colleges
  • Skills for Trainers
  • Skills for Entrepreneurship

 Skills @ Schools & College
Education and Skills are part of the continuum leading to both professional and personal growth of the individual. In India, the integration of both Education and Skills is guided by the National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF). The NSQF creates career pathways for students of schools and colleges in vocational education and training. The system is of great relevance for building capacities of young people thus making them employable for high growth sectors. By creating a structure that leads a trainee to Bachelors in Vocational Education (B.Voc) this system lets students choose careers in skills, linked to jobs and specialization, rather than routine academic qualifications.

Dr. Vandana Singh is involved in skill development as upgrading the skills of youth in India is the need of the hour. She educates and empowers youth by imparting English language training, and develops appropriate and relevant English language content for job seekers thus raising their employability quotient.