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Avenues is a comprehensive graded course in English that aims at developing a strong foundation of language skills among learners in a holistic and integrated manner. It fully meets the concerns expressed in the National Curriculum Framework, 2005, with regard to the development of linguistic skills by exposing learners to the multicultural and multilinguistic aspects of Indian society. Covering the core elements identified by the National Policy of Education, the prose pieces and poems are a well-balanced range of writings from around the world as well as India, including translations of literary works from Indian languages. Using a variety of approaches as also integrating other subject areas and concerns, it ensures that the learner learns English language from different sources and through a wide range of tasks and activities.

Special Features

  • Reading exercises for factual, inferential, and evaluative comprehension
  • Vocabulary- building tasks that explore multiple meanings of words, cover dictionary usage as also help to spell well
  • Grammar tasks that stress on accuracy and appropriate usage
  • Writing tasks that include functional and creative expression
  • Speaking activities that guide correct pronunciation and encourage oral fluency
  • Listening activities for specific information and over-all meaning in communicative situations
  • Projects based on environmental concerns add an element of fun and provide an opportunity to learn while doing
  • Appealing layout and attractive illustration aids
  • Avenues aims to enhance the learners’ proficiency in English by increasing their self-confidence so that they become responsible members of a multicultural and multilingual society.

The course components are: Starter, Primer, Coursebooks 1 to 8, Workbooks 1 to 8, and teacher’s kits for each level, including audio CDs, visual aids, and Teacher’s Books.

Published by Oxford University Press, India, 2006

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